Friday, February 16, 2007

Working or a Fluke?

I've been doing the recording my food for a week now. It's tough to keep it up. Like the one night, I figured we'd be having our usual salad for supper but plans got changed. So now I just write down "supper" because, well, that's what I'm eating and it is the meal most subject to change or not completely in my control.

The important thing is that I'm not popping extra food in my mouth or grazing. Like the other day, the husband was making a salad and normally I'll steal a black olive or two from the can. That day, I drank a glass of water instead.

Today was the first day I've been able to hop on the scale since last Saturday. It was 135 1/4. I know a pound is neither here nor there, but I'd like to think that I'm going in the right direction.


TaiwanMommy said...

Ha! You are no longer a comment virgin! I have deflowered you! :)

I'm proud of your weight loss commitment. Weight Watchers is a great way to "kick start" your loss, although I think it's too much work to maintain.

When are you going to Florida? I forgot! I think I'm going to be there in May, and it sure would be nice to see you! :)


Remind me to tell you about our trip to Ventura. You and I are SO gonna write a book. ;)

BethK said...

Hey, a pound down is a pound closer to your goal. If you're watching what you eat and you're working out, it's probably a real loss.

Also, good work with the writing it down. It is a pain in the neck, but I find that it makes a big difference.

Keep up the good work!