Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mother Nature's Exercise Room

No need to get to the gym today. I already put in a good 30 minuutes of shoveling snow, and I suspect I'll be out there later to shovel again, after I finish some work. I needed to shovel it because my pregnant daughter had to get out of the driveway and she obviously couldn't shovel.

In our house, we get a jump on the snow shoveling by shoveling it in bits and pieces. Lots of people around here wait until the snow stops before they start and use snow blowers. I hate snow blowers. We shovel the driveway after every couple of inches, if possible. It's good exercise and not too straining because it is little snow at a time.

Told my best friend about my new write it down or not eat it rule. She loved it. It allowed me to easily wave away a piece of cake last night. Not that I would have taken it because I don't like cake but that icing sure did look good! I need to write down my list for today.

Not sure if I've lost any weight over the past few days, although I'm definitely eating differently and bumping up some exercise time. But I'm beginning to feel better.

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