Sunday, February 11, 2007

Trainer Time

I met with my trainer yesterday. He set up a workout routine for my legs. I already had one for my upper body. He warned me that my butt would be sore today from the leg press. He was so right! The focus on the lower body will require a renewed focus on a strong core. That'll help this apple shape.

A 50-year-old woman I met yesterday with a perfectly flat tummy said that her abs are her most difficult spot too. She said she managerd to shrink it with lots of cardio to burn fat and losing the weight. That, she said, is what I must do, too. My abs are very strong and muscular, I can feel that.

I weighed 136 1/4 pounds yesterday. My workout at the gym lasted an hour, all of it with the trainer with this new workout routine, and then I finished up with some abs and back exercises. We went to visit friends last night. I had a couple glasses of wine and munched on peanuts. I drank water between each glass of wine, too.

I won't make it to the gym again until Wednesday night, so I need to do some exercises here at home.

I read a lot about writing down everything you eat. I've tried that. It didn't work all that well for me. Fitness Magazine this month has an alternative suggestion -- write down everything you plan to eat that day and cross it off as you go. I live and die by my to-do lists and crossing things off. I suspect this will work much better for me.

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